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At LIRMM, about 30 scientists (researchers, engineers, postdoc, and PhD students) from computer science, robotics and microelectronics teams apply their work to the exploration and the monitoring of the aquatic environment, from deep karstic zones to the most remote oceanic areas, by developing innovative tools in collaboration with biologists, ecologists, archaeologists, hydrologists, chemists, or mechanics. The research is organised around these main topics:


3D Reconstruction Robotique sous-marine Archéologie sous-marine Collective exploration Robotics Architecture of Hardware-in-The-Loop simulator Architecture de contrôle Robotic Audio Digital processing Calibration de caméra Underwater vision Mechanical design Benchmark Calibration Cell culture Controle Control software architecture Bioimpédance Cuirassé Danton 3D registration Contextual approach Super-Twisting Algorithm Real-time experiments 3D Biomimetic Bioimpedance spectroscopy Adaptive control Reconstruction 3D SLAM Current driver Underwater Contraintes Temporelles Control Software Bioimpedance Body area network Control Spectroscopy Robust control Collaborative Robotics Environment Exploration Underwater archaeology Computer vision Clibration de capteurs Modeling Cognitive control architectures ASV Karstic Exploration Modélisation Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Dataset Architecture de simulateur Hadrware-in-The-Loop Camera calibration Control Software Architecture Underwater vehicle Marine Robotics Bluefin tuna Challenge Coordination multi-véhicule 3D reconstruction ACL Architecture logicielle de contrôle Cartographie Robotique Identification Multi-frequency Manipulation Electronic tagging Underwater Robotics Robotique sous-Marine Computer Vision Bird Capteurs Approche contextuelle Fish Archéologie Cable-driven parallel robots Path following Adaptive sampling Confined environment Computing Body composition estimation Conception électronique Stereovision Large Atlantic bluefin tuna AUV Marine robotics Underwater Archaeology Coral reef ecosystems Commande Purse seine Underwater robotics Control Modularity Adaptive Controller 3D modelling Coordinated formation control Autonomous underwater vehicle Archeology Coral reef AI-based methods