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Layout of the six sheets of the Carte géologique de la France, known as the Dufrénoy and Élie de Beaumont Map (1841) [Document from Mines ParisTech Library]

The main purpose of the French Committee on the History of Geology, created in 1976 by François Ellenberger, is to contribute to the development of research devoted to the History of Geology by Francophone scientists.

Its second aim is to promote a methodological reflection concerning the ways geological research was carried out as well as the long term impact of the end results of such research, by analysing past controversies and recent debates. It is as illuminating to understand the real causes of errors and blind alleys among our predecessors, as to relate the history of progress and discoveries.

To become a COFRHIGEO member, you should send an e-mail or postal mail to the general secretary :

Jean Gaudant, 17 rue du Docteur Magnan - 75013 Paris - e-mail

Against an annual fee of 40 €, you will receive the announcements of the three annual meetings and the annual volume of our Travaux, in which the texts of the papers delivered during the preceding year are printed.The last published volume of Travaux is number 27, dated 2013.

COFRHIGEO has also edited several books, published by :

The French Geological Society :

The CTHS (Comité des Travaux historiques et scientifiques):

The Press « Mines Paris-Tech » :

The printed volumes of the Travaux du Comité français d’Histoire de la Géologie are kept in several specialised libraries, where they may be consulted.

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