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Data Hiding Image analysis Apprentissage Watermarking Feature extraction Image coding Adaptation JPEG Insertion de données cachées Inverse problem Entropy coding Possibility 3D Clustering Classification Virtual reality Beautification Underwater vehicles Image security H264/AVC Image encryption JPEG2000 Deep-learning Maxitive kernels Modeling Stéganalyse Agroforestry Convolutional Neural Network Deep learning Intégrale de Choquet Deep Learning Print-and-scan process Combinatorial map 3D mesh Three-dimensional displays Brain Steganalysis Steganography Multimedia security Compression Probabilités imprécises Deconvolution 3D points cloud Ensemble classifiers Managers AUV Crypto-compression CNN Arithmetic coding Authentication Robotique sous-marine Image reconstruction Noise Signal processing Choquet integral Forensics Cryptography H264 Commerciaux Region segmentation LiDAR TCQ Reverse engineering Graph theory Edge detection Visualization Marine robotics Apprentissage profond Robustness Identification Possibility theory 3D Object Data hiding Heat diffusion Compétences sociales Segmentation Encryption Correlation Computer vision IMAGERIE COMBINATOIRE Estimation Lidar Databases Signal processing in the encrypted domain Image denoising Detectability map Stéganographie Adaptive control Augmented reality Image processing Réalité Virtuelle Virtual Reality Digital watermarking Reversible data hiding Control Underwater vehicle Selective encryption Image compression Underwater robotics Real-time experiments