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C. Clara, where he was involved in the research and development in the do-928 main of video processing. His current research interests include compression, 929 watermarking, and encryption of scalable video, p.930

. France, He received the Engineering Diploma degree 932 from the National Institute of Applied Sciences 933 (INSA), 1999, and the Ph.D. 934 degree from the IRISA Rennes, p.935

H. D. Ph, thesis was about video objects rep-938 resentations, with dynamic coding and scalability 939 functionalities, in the video compression area. He 940 has carried on research activities for one year at the 941

F. Bayonne, as a Visiting Assistant Professor During this last year, he 943 focused on face tracking using a deformable 3-D face model, p.945, 2005.

. N??mesn??mes and F. N??mesn??mes, His current research interests include watermarking, 947 steganography, video compression, and to a lesser extent segmentation and 948 tracking in videos, p.949