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F. Duchateau and Z. Bellahsene, Zohra Bellahsene is a professor of CS at University Montpellier 2 and a senior researcher at LIRMM. She received her Ph.D. in CS from University of Paris 6 in 1982 and her HDR in CS from University Montpellier 2 in 2000. She has a long experience in database research, recently focusing on various aspects of data integration, in particular, schema matching, view management and schema and ontology matching. She has organized or chaired several international conferences and workshops, including being the PC co-chair of CoopIS2013, the PC chair of CAiSE'08, the co-chair of the XML Database Symposium, Designing a Benchmark for the Assessment of Schema Matching Tools AUTHOR BIOGRAPHIES Dr. Fabien Duchateau is an Associate Professor at Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1 and at the LIRIS laboratory since 2011, 2006.