, e I) 4-Create-Edge (R / , R)

L. ,

, R 4--Create-VertexO

~. ,

L. ,

. L-remove, Cur~'en~ (L)

, Current (L) +-Prede cessor (Current (L))

, Implementation of precodes (6) and (7), el .Current(L)

, e2 .Following (Current (L)

, ~(e2) ~el then Unify-Contour(el,e2)

. L-remove,

. L-replaee, G(Cu~.ent(L))

, Current(L)+-Following(Current(L))

. L-replace, r Current(L)+-Following

, ) and (5) el --Current(L)

, e2 .Following(Current(L)

, e2) ~el then L Unify-Contour, p.2

. L-remove, , vol.2

, RI

~. ,

~. ,

, L-Insert

. Current, Current(L)

, el .Current(L)

, Current(L), p.2

, lif ~(e2)~el then Unify-Contour(el,e2)

. Il-remove, , vol.2

, I R+-Create-Vertex(

, e~)+-Create-Edge(R, vol.3

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