, val exec = Executors.newFixedThreadPool(cc)

, 32).map { id-> ThreadA(id) }

, Leap.rec(cc, {exec.invokeAll(tasks)} )

, private inner class ThreadA(private val seed: Long) 10. : Callable<Boolean> { 11. var sum: Long = 0 12. val iter: Long = 300000 13. var rand: Random = Random

, Boolean? { 17. for (i in 0..iter) { 18. sum += rand.nextInt() + rand.nextInt() map = Collections.synchronizedMap( 2. HashMap<Int, Int>(

V. Executors, newFixedThreadPool(cc) 6. val tasks = (0..50000).map { id-> ThreadB(id) }

, } 10. 11. private inner class ThreadB(private val seed: Long) 12. : Callable<Boolean> { 13. val insertions: Int = 3 14, Leap.rec(cc, {exec.invokeAll(tasks)} ) 8. exec.shutdown(, p.9

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