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Rowhammer Caches Parameter exploration Network-on-Chip Spintronic memory and logic M2M Approximate Computing Network-on-chip Reliability Side-channel attacks SCAs Lightweight cryptography Energy efficiency Adaptive systems Hardware Transistors Energy Embedded System Model Compression Gem5 Gem5 simulator Gateway Multicore systems STT-MRAM Architecture Deep Neural Networks Silent stores Machine learning Efficacité énergétique Quantization Non volatile memory SoC Physically unclonable function Edge computing Machine Learning Simulation RO frequency Resistive RAM Monitoring Modeling FPGA Generative Adversarial Network Design space exploration Hardware Accelerator Renewable energy Delays Resource allocation Scheduling OpenMP Embedded systems Multi-threaded programs Mitigation Error analysis Design Space Exploration MRAM Cryptography Processor scheduling Fog computing FPGA security Privacy Memory hierarchy Data Distribution Service Multiprocessing systems Adaptation Hardware security Deep Learning Neural networks Deep learning IoT Power demand Decentralized network BigLITTLE Performance evaluation Internet des Objets Multicore processing Computer architecture Power Internet of Things Approximate computing IP Protection Magnetic RAM Side-channel attacks Detection Microarchitecture Energy-efficiency Security DRAM Software-Defined Power Domains Distributed systems Memory device PQC Education Ring oscillator RSA Scalability exploration Memory architecture Power Monitoring Parallel programming languages Design methodology Performance Blockchain