ADAptive Computing

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Multi-threaded programs Memory Simulation Performance Through silicon vias Modeling Memory hierarhy Efficacité énergétique Scalability exploration 28-nm FD-SOI IoT Power RSA SoC 3D NoCs Fault Injection Parameter exploration Manycore Ring oscillators Energy efficiency CMOS integrated circuits Three-dimensional displays RO frequency Energy Silent stores Clocks ALMOS Non volatile memory Resource allocation Spintronics Attaques par canaux cachés Security Accuracy Embedded Systems Gem5 simulator Side-Channel Attacks Resistive RAM High-performance computing Activity sensor Microprocessors Adaptive systems STT-MRAM ARM bigLITTLE Nonvolatile memory IP Protection Power demand Ring oscillator VLSI Program processors Network-on-chip FPGA ALMOS-MK Energy-efficiency Radiation NVM Method 3D manufacture variability Multicore processing Embedded systems Power Modeling Transistor Memory architecture Hardware Magnetic tunnel junction MTJ Three-dimensional integrated circuits Performance evaluation Transistors Reliability Resistances Physically unclonable function Gem5 Field programmable gate arrays Fd-Soi Actuators 28nm FD-SOI Electromagnetic Analysis MRAM System reliability Memory device Memory hierarchy FPGA security Computer architecture Aging Architecture Error analysis Monitoring Storage node 3D NoC Switching element Delays Through-silicon vias 3D network-on-chip 3D networks-on-chip Cryptography Power Monitoring Design space exploration Sécurité numérique Computing BigLITTLE Consommation