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 Algorithmes, Graphes et Combinatoire

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Hyperplane arrangement Phylogenetic networks LexBFS Robust optimization Graph colouring Analysis of algorithms Coloration Linear kernels Fixed-parameter tractability FPT algorithm Bidimensionality Dynamic programming Analyse prédicative Well-quasi-ordering Graph drawing GRAPHS Phylogenetics Discharging procedure Topological minors 2-partition Complexity Pattern avoidance Acyclic coloring Permutation graphs Packings in graphs Tournament Minimum degree Combinatoire Linkages Basis Minimal triangulation Computational complexity Exponential Time Hypothesis Interval graphs Clique-width Tournaments Girth Graphs on surfaces Bijection MCS Matroid Graph algorithms Approximation algorithm Edge coloring Treewidth 2-distance coloring Branchwidth Algorithms Polynomial kernel Optical networks Graph coloring Hitting minors Tutte polynomial Square coloring Graph theory Irrelevant vertex technique Domination First-order logic Algorithmique des graphes Memory optimization Complexité paramétrée Graph minors Homomorphism Parameterized algorithms Graphs Maximum average degree Non-crossing partitions Approximation Algorithm NP-completeness Planar graph Graph Approximation algorithms Graph degeneracy Oriented coloring Obstructions Traffic grooming Immersions Single-exponential algorithm Kernelization Boolean mapping ALGORITHME Planar graphs Protrusion decomposition Oriented graph Graph Minors Graph modification problems FPT-algorithm Oriented matroid Cutwidth Sparse graphs Parameterized complexity Erdős–Pósa property Chordal graphs Graph decomposition Asymptotic enumeration Hardness of approximation Activity Combinatorics Duality