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 Artificial movement and gait restoration

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Center of mass CoM Embedded systems Déficience motrice Discretization Neuroprothèse Neural Engineering Motion analysis FALLS Parameters identification Plasticity Paraplegia Motion planning Oscillator Interval Analysis ROBOTS BIPEDES Biomechanics Festination Neuroprostheses Stimulation électrique fonctionnelle Formal analysis ENG Modeling Sensor Stimulation musculaire Electromyography Muscle model Estimation Muscles Sigma-Point Kalman Filter AGE-RELATED-CHANGES FES Spinal Cord Injury Neuroprosthesis Signal processing Electrodes Muscle fatigue Muscle excitability Principe sensori-moteur Performance evaluation ADJUSTMENTS Brain Motion Planning Action potential Contractile apparatus Modélisation biomécanique Simulation Electrical stimulation Identification Biomedical electrodes BALANCE Internet Gait analysis CORTEX Motion capture EMG Rehabilitation by FES Multipolar cuff electrode Neuroprosthetics Neuroprothèses Freezing of gait FOG Exception Muscle Gait Kinect Neurophysiology Prosthetics Selectivity FUNCTIONAL CONNECTIVITY Fatigue Statically equivalent serial chain SESC Model decomposition Implementation Modélisation musculaire Humanoid robotics Implant Classification Functional Electrical Stimulation Neurorehabilitation Constraints Social cognition Semi Infinite Programming Sensors Subject-specificity Petri nets Interval analysis Functional electrical stimulation Rehabilitation Modélisation Accelerometers Neuromuscular stimulation Stimulus evoked EMG Electrode FPGA Optimisation Model Stimulation Default mode network Activity monitoring Asservissement Parkinson's disease