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 Algorithmic and combinatorial problems of complex systems

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Complexity classes Real time S-adicity Analytical models Shannon entropy Algorithmic information theory Cellular automaton Communication complexity Sturmian words Error-correcting codes Atmospheric modeling Entropy Automata Universalité Birkhoff's ergodic theorem 2D Symmetries Algorithm Minimal SFT Cellular automata S-adic conjecture Cellular automata computation model generalization Computability history Combinatorics Arithmetical hierarchy Block complexity Complexité de Kolmogorov Biclique cover Secret key agreement Generalizations of Sturmian words Halting problem Morphisms Kolmogorov structure function Factorization Formal languages Ammann tilings Calculabilité Algorithmique du texte Symbolic dynamics Expander mixing lemma Proof complexity Information Theory Finite-state dimension Uniform recurrence Coding theory Random bits Mutual information Tseitin formulas Nanolaser Complexity of majorants OBDD Aperiodic tilings Canonical single-corpuscle thermodynamics Busy beavers Infinite words Palindromes Carnot principle Secret sharing Langages formels Bilinear systems Algorithmic learning theory Pavages Logic Morphism Algorithmic randomness Algorithmic statistics Factor complexity Generic algorithms Almost entropic points Biological system modeling Quasiperiodicity Semiconductor lasers Linear programming Computability Kolmogorov Complexity Palindromic length Non-Shannon-type information inequalities Classical gas theory Combinatorics on words Expanders Normal sequences Ideal gas law Repetitions Clusters Bilinear maps Algorithms Information inequalities Copy lemma Two dimension words Entropy region Quasiperiodic Corpuscular concepts Tilings Linear complexity Combinatorics on Words Aperiodicity Kolmogorov complexity Sofic shifts Automates cellulaires Subword complexity