Graphs for Inferences on Knowledge

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Argumentation tool Information integration Gestion de la qualité CONCEPTUAL GRAPHS Argumentation Complexity Graphs Conceptual Graphs Decision-making Logic-based argumentation Algorithme Algorithms Classification tree RDF Entailment Ontologie Experiments Algorithm Bioprocess eco-design Deduction GRAPHES CONCEPTUELS Knowledge representation Knowledge base Représentation des connaissances Déduction Alternative Homomorphism Homomorphisme ASPIC+ Query rewriting Conceptual graphs Flexible querying Defeasible Reasoning Applications Clause implication Backward chaining Decision support Expérimentations Explanation Knowledge Representation and Reasoning Chase Semantic Web Semantic web Description Logics Decision support system Ontologies Cereals Data reconciliation Intelligence Artificielle Reasoning Existential Rules Fuzzy set Decidability Ontology-Based Data Access Fuzzy logic Conjunctive Queries with Negation TOPIC MAPS Annotation Decision making Case-based reasoning Knowledge Representation Discrete Mathematics in Computer Science Knowledge bases Graphes Conceptuels Negation Data integration Databases Decision Support System Artificial intelligence Web sémantique First Order Logic Bases de connaissances Acyclicity Expert knowledge First-order logic Aide à la décision Artificial Intelligence Datalog+ Base de connaissances Ontology evolution Explanatory method TGD Graphes OWL SPARQL Existential rules Query answering Food packaging RDFS Knowledge integration Preferences Conceptual graph Query language Rules Containment Heuristics Context Blé dur Ontology Formal Concept Analysis