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The TEXTE team develops models and tools for processing natural language and designing necessary resources, i.e. generating lexical corpora, producing text summaries by compression as well as automatic translation. This research focuses on the automatic analysis of the syntax and the lexical semantics of languages by using rather symbolic and logical methods, and on the development and acquisition of resources (lexical network, grammar) for natural language processing.

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Data mining Categorization Categorial grammar Distant dependencies Classification Computational Semantics Machine Learning Crowdsourcing Syntaxe Compositional semantics Acquisition lexicale Divergence Type Theory Bell States Compositional vector semantics Natural language processing Terminology Dialogical logic Computational linguistics Instance Recognition Rules Syntax Conceptuals vectors Cognitive linguistics Fouille de Textes Théorie de la démonstration Proof theory Type-logical grammar Information Extraction Artificial Intelligence Complement control Proof nets Knowledge base Information Retrieval Distributed Model of Meaning Semantic relations Logique mathématique Text mining NLP Type-logical grammars Conceptual vectors Text Mining Logic for information retrieval systems Machine Translation Corpus Lexical functions Lexical network Concept spaces Type theory Réseau lexical Categorial grammars Lexical semantic network Inference Linguistics Agreement of reflexive pronouns and clitics in French Vecteurs conceptuels Réseau lexico-sémantique Compound noun-phrases Information retrieval Traitement Automatique du Langage Naturel GWAP Analyse de données Compact bilinear logic Dutch subordinate clause Natural language semantics Lexical Semantics Lexical semantics Pregroup grammars Proof graphs JeuxDeMots Lambek calculus Compact Closed Categories Dépistage Désambiguïsation Collocations Attack Graphs Parsing Risk Management Ontology Population Natural Language Processing Cross-serial dependency Compact closed categories Formal linguistics Fouille de textes Logic Annotation Semantic Dialog Quantum logic Semantic vector models BioNLP Inférence de relations Argumentation Computational semantics Base de connaissances Validation Data Mining Semantics Terminologie Two-sorted first order logic Thesaurus