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Graeffe transform Cutting Strategy Homomorphic encryption Upper bound Vecteur Mixed-radix number system Mathemagix Triangular set Hamming distance Power series Fully Homomorphic Encryption Systematic code Correlation Electromagnetic Analysis Minimal approximant basis Exact linear algebra Grenoble Analyse Non-linear code Middle product Covering systems of congruences Randomized Exponentiation Exponentiation Order basis Design pattern Certification Linear code Encryption switching protocols Benchmarking Matrix polynomial Two-party computation Sparse linear algebra Linear system solving Structured matrix TFT Univariate representation Complexity Analysis SpMV Modular composition Malicious adversary Bivariate polynomial systems Secure IC Minimal basis Single-Execution Attacks RSA Domain Specific Language RNS Polynomial system solving Correlation electromagnetic analysis Algorithms and containers Electromagnetic Analysis Unsupervised Learning Polynomial root finding Relaxed algorithm FFT Clustering Algorithms Théorie de codes correcteurs Collision Attacks Hensel lifting Deterministic algorithm Theory of computation Complexity Cauchy matrices Online algorithm Residue Number System Arithmetic Implementation Finite field Probabilistic certification Shared Memory Parallelism Symmetric polynomial Hankel matrix Dataflow Parallelism Side-channel attacks Journées codage et cryptographie 2014 Side channel Algorithm Polynomial multiplication Toeplitz Matrix Scalar multiplication Finite fields LinBox P-Adic integer Montgomery Exponentiation Polynomial Solving Truncated product Matrix multiplication algorithms Multiplication of power series Arithmetic complexity Mixed Integer Linear Programming Bornes combinatoires Coding and cryptography days 2014 Polynomial matrix Randomized algorithms Computations on polynomials Produit matrice creuse Bootstrapping