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HAL-LIRMM is an open archive repository where authors of the LIRMM can deposit their scientifics publications from all academic fields: journals, books, proceedings, theses, patents... It helps to:

  • increase visibility of LIRMM's publications,
  • give value to LIRMM's publications,
  • assume perennial data,
  • provide services to researchers like generation of CV,
  • go away with European Commission project like Horizon 2020.

You can click below on a researchteam in order to see all its publications:

Department of Compuer Science

Department of Microelectronic

Department of Robotic



* to see publishers’ copyrights and more, go to : SPARCSHERPAGO!DOCAuthor's Addendum.


Scientifics publications charter - MUSE

Scientifics publications charter - MUSE

Number of fulltexts

6 300

Number of resources

4 673